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Data-Driven Social Advertising.

The only way to get results.

To reach new buyers & engage returning customers, your paid content has to actually reach the
right audiences. Sounds simple, right? 

What used to be a fairly basic process has become more complicated than ever in the post iOS 14.5+ digital world. Social advertising, in specific, now requires a seasoned expert who only focuses on this one area of marketing. If you are a small business owner on a tight marketing budget, you need to hire an advertising expert who does nothing else but optimizes your social ads for maximum return on ad spend.

When it comes to data?! Not only do you need to have the right data to create the highest converting audiences, but you also have to have highly accurate attribution to avoid throwing precious ad dollars down the drain. 

Light the Lamp is proud to partner with a first party, server-side attribution technology provider, RedTrack. This makes it easy for our clients to see the exact return they are getting on their ad spend, right down to which specific ads are performing the best. 


Simply put- we leverage data and market trends in order to optimize your social ads for Facebook and Instagram.

Just as the best performing ads educate rather than directly sell to a consumer, the best consultants are great educators. Don't understand why one audience is performing better than another even though you are showing the same ad? Not sure where your business stands compared to benchmarked competition? Trying to decide between running a lead generation campaign and a conversion based campaign? Don't worry, we are here to guide you through all of those questions and provide you with answers you can actually act on.

No one business is alike, and neither is our approach to helping you. We are not an agency, and we do not charge an hourly rate, but rather a flat, monthly fee. Please email us by clicking below, and once we discuss your needs we will be able to provide you with the most accurate pricing. 


Light the Lamp Digital was founded after noticing, and experiencing, discrepancies in social advertising. Small businesses were having to spend an unsustainable amount of money on their ads off the bat, with high management fees billed in hourly rates. Light the Lamp Digital is different. Our owner directly manages clients' campaigns herself for a flat, monthly fee with no long term contracts. Light the Lamp Digital takes a three-pronged approach to social advertising:

  • We capture attention with stunning creative & comprehensive copywriting

  • We then utilize first-party data to properly place your ads in front of the right audience. What good is a beautiful ad if the target audience never sees it?

  • Throughout our management of each monthly campaign, we closely watch your budget and make necessary changes to ensure that you are staying within budget to maximize your return on ad spend

Lastly, we pay for, and utilize a first-party ads attribution platform that allows us to track your ads conversions with near 100% accuracy. Facebook Ads Reporting and Google Analytics are no longer as accurate as they once were, and they should not be relied upon for decision making when it comes to marketing budgets.


The result is simple: more profitable advertising for your small business.



Why do our clients love us, and why do we love what we do? Our optimization efforts ensure that your ads are seen by the audiences most likely to engage with your brand. The result? A much better return on ad spend. If our attribution technology shows us an over-performing ad, we can increase your ad spend accordingly to put more money into y our pocket. The greatest thing about advertising for a small business is that if you outsource someone to manage it well, you will be able to both pay your ads manager (us) as well as make a 4x or more return on your ad spend. 


Few things make us happier than knowing that our clients are able to generate more revenue, and reinvest that into their businesses in order to grow.

Light the Lamp Digital utilizes over 11 years of media experience at some of the top companies in the world like NBCUniversal and ESPN, but most of all, constantly researches new ways in which to maximize ROAS.



We prefer to get to know our prospects as people and as brands in the initial discovery phase of potentially working together. After you reach out to us, Nikki, owner of Light the Lamp Digital, will look into your current social advertising ecosystem and provide recommendations upfront- all at no charge. 

We will then meet (phone, video, for coffee, you name it) to discuss the findings and ways in which Light the Lamp can help you better advertise your brand. 

Once both parties decide they are ready to move forward, Nikki will then send you a simple contract with our SOW and pricing details. We work on monthly commitments, so should you decide that you can't move forward after a month, you can opt out of our contract for the following month. 

Once we have all signed the contract, we will begin the set up process for your new advertising campaigns. We prefer to take the bull by the horns here and come up with some initial concepts on the copywriting and imagery, but if you prefer to handle that internally, we will defer to you, our customer. 

Light the Lamp will then begin to run and manage your optimized, social advertising campaigns by taking a three-pronged, data-driven approach to optimize your Facebook and Instagram ads and will report back to you every step of the way. In addition, we will have a comprehensive, monthly meeting to review all reporting. If something isn't working, we will notice that in the data we leverage and we will make immediate changes. If things are working well, we will dig into the data to conclude why they are working well, and what additional campaigns we may want to invest in to ride the momentum from a high return on ad spend. 

Curious about what types of clients we currently help? Click here to check each of them out.


Meet Us


Nikki Bongaerts Magrath 

Owner & Operator

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Nikki is a creative, data-driven, marketing professional keeping your customers engaged while maximizing your return on investment. Nikki has more than a decade of experience in the digital marketing world. A 2011 graduate of St. Lawrence University, Nikki was a member of the NCAA D1 Women's Hockey Team while simultaneously earning her way to ECAC All-Academic Team honors each year for her focus on her studies. She is no stranger to hard work!


Thanks to a helpful St. Lawrence alum, Nikki was able to get an interview with and land two consecutive summer internships with the NBC Sports' On-Air Promotions team at iconic 30 Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. This is where Nikki really fell in love with the world of marketing. As the granddaughter of a New York Times advertising executive, the apple clearly did not fall far from that tree. Directly after graduating from St. Lawrence in May 2011, Nikki then got her start in live television production at her first job with ESPN, and later went on to work for the NHL, then back to NBC Sports and NBC Olympics, as she made her transition from television into digital media and digital advertising. As the Sponsored Content Manager for for the 2016 Rio Games, she was tasked with leading the day-to-day creative direction for sponsored content campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola, Kellogg, GE, Samsung, and Subway, to name a few. Nikki and her incredible team of colleagues at NBC were awarded three Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences from their 2014 and 2016 coverage of the Olympic Games.

After enrolling in graduate school at Columbia University part-time while working full-time on the Olympics, Nikki became enthralled with the world of data and how it can be best leveraged to help businesses maximize their return on ad spend. Nikki already knew, at this point, that she wanted to start her own digital advertising business someday, but she wanted to continue to get more experience in the corporate world first. After graduating from Columbia, Nikki, her husband Pete, and their adorable mutt, Bilbo, decided to leave the greater New York City area and pursue their dream of living and working in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Park City, Utah. 

Nikki quickly found her perfect fit out west as the Director of Marketing and Communications at Ski Butlers, a ski rental delivery company with more than 50 locations worldwide. After the pandemic decimated the ski industry in the spring of 2020, Nikki, like so many others, found herself unexpectedly, and very suddenly furloughed. Never having been one to sit on the sidelines and wait, Nikki immediately got to work on forming Light the Lamp Digital and decided to take her expertise online to be able to help small businesses from various parts of the country grow their brands through social advertising. Nikki not only has her old employer on her client roster, but she also works with a variety of small businesses from California to the Intermountain Region. As the daughter of two lifelong small business owners, Nikki more than understands the need to maximize every single dollar spent on marketing and advertising.

Nikki, Pete, and their daughter Marlie have successfully settled down in Park City full-time, where they enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, and camping with Bilbo and his dog sister, Peggy. 



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